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08 Apr - 06 Jun 00:00
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06 Jun - 22 Jun 23:59
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European Shooto Championships 2023

Open European Championships in Amateur Shooto

All Japan Amateur Shooto Championship Highlight


All fighters of the event will receive a free Shooto Rashguard by MatGuerilla at the weight-ins for the event. 

This year's annual European Amateur Shooto Championships will be held in Herrenberg/Germany, which is close to Stuttgart (app. 25 minutes by car).

The international Airport Stuttgart is 20-25 minutes away by car and there are also good and fast connections by train and by bus from the Airport to Herrenberg.

For cheap hotels please check Booking.com.

Flights from almost all over Europe to Stuttgart can be found at Momondo.com.

The event follows the official Shooto Rules (english language).

The event is open for all european citizens, regardless of nationality. All participators must show a valid ID or Passport at the weight-ins for the event!

Minors under the age of 18 are allowed in specific age divisions from 15-17 years in female and male classes. Adults are also seperated in female and male classes. 

Registration is only available here on Smoothcomp. No registrations my e-mail or via social networks will be considered. 

Only 2 Coaches per Team will be allowed to enter the venue.

Official Shooto Medals for Places 1-3. Championbelts for the winners in all Adults divisions (18+). No Championbelts will be awarded to fighters who haven't had a match for the 1st Place.

All fights will be held under C-Class Rules of Shooto. Preliminary bouts are 1x4 minutes with a possible overtime of 2 minutes and finals are 2x3 minutes with a possible overtime of 2 minutes.

There is no weight allowance at the weight-in. You must be in weight sharp to be able to fight. If you fail to make weight you are disqualified.


Weight-ins and medical check: 12:00 p.m. (12:00 h)

End of weight-ins and medical check: 1 p.m (13:00 h)

Start of prelims: 2 p.m. (14:00 h)


  1. We organize our event with Smoothcomp and we ask all coaches and fighters to check their times in the event schedule and mat schedule on Smoothcomp. When you are not weighed-in by 11.00 a.m. the weight-in will be closed and you will be automatically disqualified.
  2. After June 6th 2023 you cannot cancel your registration with any refund of competition fee.
  3. When the schedule shows a sign "Go to Bull Penn" for your match you should move to the warm-up area right next to the fighting area.
  4. When the schedule shows a sign "Be ready in Bull Penn" you must be in the warm-up area ready to step on the mat for your fight. You will be called only once to come to the mat for your fight and when you don't show up immediately you will be declared the looser of the match.
  5. We will post a schedule of the event on Smoothcomp 2 days prior to the competition with all brackets released. We ask all fighters to come to the venue only for the weight-ins and to 30 minutes prior their Age- and Level- Classes start. We will have all minors under 18 years of age and all male adults over 45 years of age fight in the morning, followed by all Beginners Classes of Adults. We will after that proceed with the Intermediate Divisons and finally have all Professional Divisions in the late afternoon.
  6. REFUND OF COMPETITION FEES: We offer a 100% refund of paid competition fees until April 1st 23:59 with no questions asked. We offer a 50% refund of paid competition fees until June 6th 23:59 with no questions asked. After June 6th we will NOT refund any competition fees for any reason. If a fighter get injured/sick and cannot compete due to illness/injury we grant a free start at one of our next Shooto Germany events. Please contact us only via E-Mail at [email protected] for this. We will answer all mails concerning a free start only after the end of this event. Messages via Social Networks or WhatsApp will NOT be considered in any way. 


Our sponsor MatGuerilla has a big booth next to the competition area, where you can buy NoGi Fightwear like Fightshorts and Rashguards. A Shooto Germany Rashguard  and an official Event T-Shirt will be available in very limited quantity. MatGuerilla accepts cash and credit card payments on the event day. If you want to order some gear before the competition please make sure to visit the official Brand Store of MatGuerilla where you can order your gear and you can select to pick-up your order on the event day at the MatGuerilla Booth.

Any news or updates to this event will be published here on Kakutogi in english language, as this is an international event.


  • Amateur Shooto Men 50 EUR
    Please choose your weightclass
  • Amateur Shooto Women 50 EUR
    Please choose your weightclass
  • Amateur Shooto Male Juniors 15-17 years 50 EUR
    Please choose your weightclass
  • Amateur Shooto Female Juniors 15-17 years 50 EUR
    Please choose your weightclass

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